Spend More Time Working ON Your Business 
Than You Do Working IN It...
FREE Workshop
Answers the Age Old Question: How Do I Work LESS While Making MORE?

Wednesday, September 29
1 PM to 4 PM ET

We’ve heard it a million times: 

“Spend less time working IN your business, than you do working ON your business...”

And nobody is arguing with the fact you need to work ON your business... problem is, nobody’s actually telling you HOW to do that! 

Where do you start? And HOW do you find the time when you’re bogged down with the day-to-day, being pulled from here to there, and constantly putting out fires?

It’s hard to know what to work ON when you’re sooo busy working IN.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

The Truth Is...The reason you can’t see what to work ON in your business is because you’re stuck in the weeds--the day-to-day minutia of keeping your business up and running. It’s like being lost in the woods--in order to see where you need to go, you’ve got to reach high ground and see where you are.

Step one to working ON your getting that birds-eye view of where you are NOW.
"the amount of value James and Yara provide is second to none…"
Jason moore
"James and Yara are the best at what they do…the amount of value they provide is second to none and working with them is worth any investment because of the ROI. If your desire is to build a business aligned with your purpose that is predictably profitable, look no further. They will guide you to where you want to be."

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and knew exactly what your next steps were to…

  • Double (or triple!) your revenue
  • Bring in eager, ready-to-buy leads
  • Delegate the tasks you hate to a team member who completes them perfectly
  • ​Know exactly what to say yes to, what to say no to, and what to save for later
The only difference between your hustling schedule and that of an effective, strategic CEO is… they are doing something drastically different with their time.

Wednesday, September 29
1 PM to 4 PM ET

If you love your business and WANT to work ON it, but feel like you’re stuck grinding away in constant gut-churning anxiety and overwhelm, with no end in sight and…
You’re Ready To Take Back Your Time and

Detox From The Hustle...

Great news!
We’ve got a SIMPLE, proven, four-step process designed to free up your time so you can grow and enjoy the business you’ve built WITHOUT hustling your face off 24/7/365.
Here’s How It Works
  • Get A Bird’s-Eye View of Your Business
  • Identify Who Should Be Doing What
  • Hire The Right Help
  • ​Follow A Custom Step-By-Step Action Plan
“In 12 months, we tripled our revenue..."
Tyler Clark and Marine Laurent
Founders of Dream Firms
“In 12 months, James helped us implement proven systems in our business and we were able to TRIPLE revenue, spend less time working “in” the business and grow from just the two of us to a team of 7!”
Warren Buffet has been quoted as saying:

“Business is easy. It’s the people problems that are hard”

Which begs the question...
What does Warren Buffet
Any successful CEO know about HIRING that

 most (Overworked CEOs) don't?
Ready to put an end to the hustle and get crystal-clear on exactly HOW you 
can spend more of your time working ON your business than you do working IN it?
You're Invited…

virtual workshop
for entrepreneurs and
business owners ready to
make the shift from 
working IN their business to working ON their business.

Wednesday, September 29
1 PM to 4 PM ET

A FREE LIVE Workshop for business owners who want to stop hustling and start working strategically.

"I’ve never been so focused..."
Nikki Alemand
Eazy Peazy Kitchen
“I’ve never been so focused, so clear, or known exactly what to do to grow my business, I didn’t realize that before this I was treating it like a hobby, hoping and a praying things would be ok.… since working with James and Yara, not only have I had my highest revenue months, I’ve also begun pulling myself out of the day to day tasks running of my business! I am learning exactly what it takes to run my business each month—down to the smallest detail. ”

In this FREE, LIVE virtual workshop, you’ll get exactly what YOU need to:

  • Create an accurate and complete bird’s-eye view of your business, so you can see everything that’s keeping you stuck
  • ​Identify what you should be doing and what you should delegate & assign to a team member
  • ​Decide who to hire, how to hire them, and know exactly how to make sure they’re the best at what you hired them to do
  • ​Develop a simple, clear, step-by-step action plan to hit your exact business goals
marsha reyes quilang
My Mindset Shift from this workshop: Before I am just planning & implementing what I have to do. Prioritizing things that are important & urgent. But with the system (tools, people & process), I have come to understand as I relate these things in my business. I love the tools & structures & how they laid it out as I organize and implement in the past few days. It has been working and I don't feel hustling that much. What I love is the sacred & focus time. I have come to realize that I can adjust my time according to what I can & able to do to maximize my productivity.
Part 1: Your Business Bird’s-Eye View
Without a bird’s eye view of your business, you’ll spin your wheels on projects and tasks you hope will fix things, but really just suck up your time and energy with no progress to show for it.
     - In part one of the workshop, we’ll pluck you out of the weeds and help you identify the pieces & parts of your business that are keeping you stuck

Part 2: Identify Who Does What
Business owners stuck in overwhelm and deep in the hustle are often guilty of doing things that are not the highest and best use of their time. 

     - In part two, we’ll identify which tasks ARE the highest and best use of your time, and which ones are a complete waste of time, so you’ll know exactly what to start moving off your plate

Part 3: Hire The Right Help
Once you’re clear on which tasks deserve your time and attention, and which ones don’t, the next step is to get help with the ones that will still need to get done.

     - In part three, we’ll cover exactly who to hire, how to hire them, and how to set up them up for success, so things get done correctly and on time, without you having to micromanage, take things back, or spend your precious time fixing their work

Part 4: Your Custom Action Plan
Now that we’ve identified the leaks and where you need help, it’s time to take action.

     - In part four, we’ll help you create a step-by-step action plan to get from where you are now to the exact place you want to be. No more guessing what you should do next, or whether it’ll actually help.

Wednesday, September 29
1 PM to 4 PM ET

Your Hosts...
About James P. Friel and Yara Golden
Our goal is to fan the flames of entrepreneurship, helping business owners and entrepreneurs cultivate confidence and implement proven strategies to accelerate their business growth with less stress and effort. 

We never doubt the ability of those we work with to accomplish their vision without us, but we know we can collapse decades into days for those who are ready to take their lives and businesses to the next level.

We want to be there to provide clarity and guidance in moments of stress, overwhelm, and frustration, and also to celebrate moments of growth, forward progress, and accomplishment.

We help entrepreneurs know what to focus on through our information products, coaching programs and, for a select few, implement breakthrough marketing, sales and systems through our full service agency.
Your Hosts...
About James P. Friel and Yara Golden
Together James and Yara run a full service copywriting agency, a full service funnel building agency, function as the outsourced marketing department for their highest level clients, and host weekly group coaching calls. They also consult with no less than 4 businesses per week...ALL while teaching, training, and managing their own core team...AND while raising two kids and living a free lifestyle they love.

James and Yara have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing and implementing business systems and processes that enable them to work on the businesses they love AND grow and scale those businesses, without sacrificing their time and freedom.
How would your business be different if you could actually work ON much or as little as you wanted...WITHOUT micromanaging employees, suffering in constant gut-churning overwhelm, or sacrificing your time, lifestyle, and freedom?
"I've been able to create record breaking sales months..."
Nina Rocco
RoccBody Fitness
“Before I met James and Yara I felt stuck in my low-profit brick and mortar business… they quickly helped me transition to an online business model where I’ve been able to reclaim my time and create record breaking sales months.”
Your opportunity to register for 
this workshop ends soon!
We’ve never done a live workshop like this, and we’re not sure we’ll ever do it again. There is NO replay! So if you want a customized step-by-step action plan to free yourself from working in your business so you can actually work on it, register for the workshop NOW!
The Hustle Detox Live Workshop is Wednesday, September 29
1 PM to 4 PM ET in a Zoom Room
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I really do ALL this in a three-hour workshop?

A: We get why you’re asking, and the answer is yes. Here’s why. We not only use the skills we’ll teach you in the workshop to run multiple 7-figure companies and serve 7-, 8-, and 9-figure clients, while managing a full team AND having the freedom we want, we’ve taught these skills to hundreds of our clients. It’s not uncommon for our clients who implement what we teach to increase their business by 50%, 100%, even 200% or MORE. The bottom line is, when you focus on the RIGHT things in your business, it HAS to grow. Tune in for this workshop to get the skills and custom action plan to ensure all the energy you’re pouring into your business helps it grow instead of keeps you “busy” treading water.

Q: I’m curious why you’re doing this for free. Seems like you could easily charge something for it.

A: Yes, we could, and it would be well worth it. The reason we aren’t charging is this: We see you hustling and grinding. We see you trying. We know what it’s like to feel shackled to a business you love and want to work on, but not to the point it consumes every moment of your life. We’ve both spent time flailing in the weeds with no idea how to escape. This workshop is not only our way of helping you get out of those weeds as fast as possible, it’s a way for us to give back to our entrepreneurial community that we love so much.

Q: How fast can I expect to see results?

A: It depends on your business and how quickly you implement your action plan (which we’ll create with you on the workshop), but you could start seeing changes as early as the day of the workshop.

Q: What if I don’t have a team yet. Do I need this workshop?

A: Absolutely. Even if you don’t have a team, approaching your business in the way we’ll show helps you grow your business faster without working longer hours. (You may even work LESS than you are now!) Plus, when you’re ready for a team, you’ll know who you need, what they should do, and how to get the right people for the job.

Q: Will there be a replay if I can’t attend live?

A: No. We understand you’re swamped...AND we know the three hours you spend with us will give you a custom, step by step blueprint to free up your time while growing your business MORE quickly. If you’re “too busy” to attend this workshop, you’re exactly who needs it!
How fast can I expect to see results?
In the first hour you should see some massive mindset shifts, and by hour two you’re going to learn the strategic changes to grow and scale your business.
April corbett
#holymindshiftbatgirl! Wow, I knew I felt a shift a few days in. Today when talking to my pharmacist, (also a dude hustling) I knew I actually "got it" because I spent our entire appointment explaining this process I had just gone through and how I will do business and teach differently based in this new learning!

I now fully get the sacred time and how to make it work. I now get my value and how to figure out what to do, and not do. Love the Top 5 and how this has helped me focus! I could go on and on, video to follow!
Hustle Detox Live Workshop
  • Identify What's Keeping You Stuck
  • Decide Who Does What
  • Hire The Right Help
  • ​Design Your Custom Action Plan
Register For Free Now!
Get a step-by-step customized action plan to free yourself from working IN your business AND know exactly how to work ON it
While working less and making MORE
Get our SIMPLE, proven, four-step process to free up your time and actually grow and enjoy the business you’ve built WITHOUT killing yourself!
We can’t wait to see you on the Workshop!
James & Yara

#replay Mindset Aha!!! 1. I FINALLY saw how I was doing the same behaviour over and over with giving "too big" of a job to people unvetted just because I was overwhelmed... mistakenly thinking "ah... THIS ONE will finally rescue me and get the job done!" vs. giving smaller jobs to test them out first... and losing sooo much $$$.. 2. It put in concise categories what I need to focus on as well as "learn how to fill in spreadsheet LOL" Thank you both... Looking so forward to NY... and I really now have so much more HOPE in what I am creating b/c this Hustle Detox is also "cutting through the BS online" and getting straight to the meat in a more business-minded manner.. Love it.. sooooo happy!!!!
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